Kevin & Keiko Adams

 Will Arceneaux & Family

Beryl Bergeron 

Billy Bergeron

Kevin Bonvillian

Eugene Bourg Sr

Molly & Tom Cantrell

Ruth Carpenter

Ina Clarke

Brenda Cloud

Charlie & Martha Cook

Joel Cook III

Brenda & Danielle Corrigan

Ralph Deroche

Frances Doucette  

Mary Karnath Duhe

Rocky Fairley

Jim & Jimmy Farmer

Janis Hayden

Esther Hayes

Penny Jeffcoat

Judy Sammarco Kapandair
Robert C. Klaus 

Angie Knight

Tracey LeBert

Alex Martin

Larry Matherne

Bell Miley

John Morris

Cindy Myers

Kara Pelegrin

Mike Plessala

Michael Pontiff

Sarah Sullivan Prejean

Brunella & Clarence Price

Danny K. Robichaux

 Darlene & Larry Rogers

Maricelli Rosamond

John Serra

Beverly Smith

Cordy Talbot

Annabelle Thomas

Betty Thomas

Gary Trahan

Missy Trahan

Regis Verdin

Don Wallace

Will & Sadie Williams

​​MacDonell Children, Families & Staff  

Homebound: Therecia Belanger, Molly & Tom Cantrelle, Stanley Matherne, & Paul Rutledge

Nursing Home:  Bette Adams, Mary Francis Baker, Ruth Carpenter Daly, David Ledet, Shirley & Iris Martin,  and Anita Weeks 

Serving our Country:  Captain Hunter Davis, Chief Tracy Duplantis, Corporal Richard Collin Farmer, Major Spencer K. Farmer, Jonathan McKinley, Major Rustin Necessary, & 2nd Lt Nathaniel Yantis

(Please keep us updated on our service personnel.) 

**Please call the Church office (868-7787) or pastor (991-9462) when you know that a member is ill or in the hospita

Prayer List 

​First United Methodist Church of Houma