November 16, 2017                                                                                               Volume XXXVI  No. 11


                                                            Those White Lines
       I just came back from a brief visit to North Louisiana where I visited my 91 year old father.  I enjoyed most of the 5 hour drive as I watched the tree leaves along the highway changing color, and seeing the large white cotton bails along the fields.  I thought back over the last 50 years of all the changes that have occurred since I first traveled these roads.  My comfortable drive changed when it got dark.  When I could no longer see familiar landmarks, my joy changed to more intense attentiveness.  I looked anxiously for the familiar to safely guide me.  I appreciated the bright white lines on both sides of the road, and the reflectors in the middle of the road. 
      We all need some assurance when facing the unfamiliar.  Just as those white lines gave me the guidance I needed driving on a dark night, Jesus gives us the guidance we need each day of our lives.  The scriptures give me familiar stories and quotes that guide my thoughts and provoke my actions.  In difficult times, the fellowship of our faith community is both a great source of comfort and strength.  Make plans to gather with your church family of friends this Sunday as we worship and praise God for providing for all our needs. (That includes those white lines!)

                                                                                                                        Pastor Don

PS  Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and friends, then make plans to join your church family for lunch on Sunday, November 26th.  All hands will be needed to decorate your church for Advent Season as we hang the wreaths and put up the tree, etc.


                                             YOUTH MINISTRY NEWS! Niki Barr    

        The past couple of months have been stressed & difficult for me as my mom’s health started declining at the end of August. I have treasured the cards, flowers, texts, & hugs. Life was turned upside down but I was surrounded by amazing people who have allowed me to be present & take a lot of my work off my plate. I was so humbled to see so many attend my parent’s funeral service. I am so grateful. There are still things that I am taking care of & my family has become stronger through all of this. This past Sunday, I told the youth some of the things I have learned during this time of grief. There are some things that you have to work really hard for, & there are somethings that if you work hard it just doesn’t work. Like sleep. Every night we prep for sleep; wash our face, brush our teeth & then we relax & sleep. Faith is similar. We do everything in our power & then we step back & allow God to move. I had to learn to let go control of several things in October. I had prepped as much as I could, & I had to allow others to pick up the reins. As my mom let go of this world, I was reminded once again that we do all that we can on this earth & then eventually we relax & let go to be with our creator. There is a lot more work for me to do, but I know I am not alone. This congregation is truly our family & we would like to say “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts.    

Youth Calendar: 

  •  Sunday School-every Sunday from 10-10:50am upstairs in the gym. We meet in the                       Fellowship Hall before at 9:45am for donuts. Join us!
  • November 19th  UMY from 5-7pm Wear or bring a pair of socks!
  • November 26th After the 2nd service the youth are helping with the Hanging of the Greens. Bring a dish to share.    
  • December 3rd UMY from 5-7:30pm. We will help with the Polar Express event. Youth wear elf costumes.     
  • December 9th 8am-1pm Youth helping with Santa Sneakers in the Gym.   
  • ​December 10th 5-7:30pm Christmas Caroling! We will be going to church members’ houses to sing. Congregation members are welcome to join us.  
  • December 17th White Gifts Service
  • December 24th No UMY
  • December 31st-January 1st New Year's Eve Lock-in 5 pm-10 am   


UMY MEALS  The Youth meal calendar is in the Narthex. We are in need of meals to feed about 12-15 youth & to be dropped off by 4:45pm on Sun. Call Niki @ 985-870-5976.


                                                         Children's Ministry 


  • Nov. 26th Children’s Ministry Thanksgiving cookie decorating in FH after the Hanging of the Greens meal. 
  • Nov. 26th Cherub Choir SPECIAL PRACTICE at 4pm in AB/403 to go over songs that we will be singing for the Christmas Festival on Sat., Dec. 2nd
  • Dec. 2nd Cherub Choir sings at the Houma Downtown Christmas Festival​
  • Dec. 3rd Children’s Council will meet at 4pm in the AB prayer room. If you have a passion for Children’s Ministry, join us!
  • Dec. 3rd Cherub Choir will meet at 4pm in AB403
  • Dec. 17th Cherub Choir sings at the 11:05am service

UM Children’s Learning Center (UMCLC) has openings for the 2017-18 school year in the

4 year old pre-K program. Call 985-868-7793 for more information.

 ​​United Methodist Student Day Collection
November 26th

Your generous gift supports UM Student Day scholarships, administered by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. When you give today, you enrich ministry and help connect students to their faith.

Agape Bible Study-Veteran Collection
Agape will be collecting the following items for Veterans: towels, wash cloths, single bed sheets, pillowcases, liquid detergent, dish washing liquid, mop, broom, Clorox, deodorant, toothpaste, men’s body wash, small fan, 4 fruit baskets. A collection box is in the Sanctuary foyer.  Items will be picked up on Dec. 11th.


United Methodist Women Covered Dish Luncheon
Dec. 12th at 10 am  

United Methodist Men
UMM will meet on December 12th at 6:30pm in the FH. 

November 26th starting at Noon
Mark your calendars!!!

Children’s Ministry Thanksgiving cookie decorating in FH after the meal. 


 Christmas Poinsettia Donations

 Leilani & Chris Adams in memory of Richard T. Hardee and unborn children; Nancy Braxton in memory of her husband Lindsey R. Braxton; Gary & Jo Ellen Gresham in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Gresham; Connie & David Martin in memory of Ronnie Kimball & A. D. Martin Jr.; The McCarty Family in honor of Ed & Frances McCarty on their 65th Wedding Anniversary; Deana Shipley in loving memory of Leo & Lorraine Hanson; Edward & Martha South in memory of Jack & Evelyn Richardson and Frances South; Mike & Joy Tingle in memory of Ed & Nellie Bridges, Hazel Abernathy, and C. J. & Mary Tom Tingle; Mark & Kathy Torbert in memory of Richard Torbert Sr and Charolette Taylor; Myra & Billy Austin in honor of Rachel & Gene Milford; David & Emily Elmore in memory of Michael Sevante;  Cheri and Ted Ortiz in memory of Norman Cenac Jr.;  Ken & Jean Hebert in memory of Helen R. Bergeron and Ken’s dad, Clarence J. Hebert; Rhonda Garcia in memory of Jason Thomas and Ramona Tipton and Cheryl Tipton; Paul Sammarco in memory of Giacomo Sammarco and Esther Sammarco; Juana Woodard in memory of John W. Woodard, Ben Meyers & Pam Fonseca in memory of Michael Sevante; Faron & Donna DeHart in memory of Madilynn Stroud and in honor of Savannah Dean, Abigail, Evalynn, & Edward Brown; Lori & Barbara Rogers in memory of Edgar Rogers 


                                                                                         Rosebuds on the altar

The Worship Committee is reviving the custom of placing a rosebud on the altar to honor births of members of FUMC.  Parents need to notify the church office of the baby's name & birth date. The rose will be placed on the altar the Sun. after the office is notified. Parents are encouraged to take the rose home.

Our very own Chancel Choir will be singing in Carnegie Hall on May 26.  This is an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We will join with several other choirs including the Nicholls Concert Choir with professional orchestra, & professional vocal soloists to present the beautiful Requiem by Gabriel Fauré. Dr. Kenneth Klaus will be conducting. The trip will be very special & expensive. If you would like to help defray cost, please mark your donation for the Choir Fund-Carnegie Hall. Thank you for always being an amazingly generous congregation!


 The Nursery (for children up to 10 years old) is open for Wednesday night activities from 5:30-8 pm. ***RSVP your nursery needs by Tuesday. 

Gumbo for sale!
We have pints for sale for $5 & quarts for $10 in the Activity Building freezer. All proceeds go toward transportation costs for youth trips. 

​​                                                     CHURCH T-SHIRTS FOR SALE

Blue shirts kids sizes S-L $10; adult S-XL $11; 2-5X $13
Green shirts adult S-XL $11    
Bright yellow shirts adult S-XL $11; 2-5X $13

​                                                    SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES…..  
Box of Caring and Sharing 

          In November we are collecting fleece blankets for The Bunk House.

          In December we are collecting White Gifts. 

Advent Candle Readers needed for December 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

Children’s Moment - NEEDED- additional Children’s Moment providers 
Lay Readers - NEEDED- additional Lay Readers

Ushers- NEEDED at 11:05am service 


                                                                     Planned Giving
The goal of planned giving is to help donors plan their estates and charitable giving in ways that benefit both family & the church. The federal tax code allows for several trusts and gift agreements that are used in making these planned gifts to charity and that provide some tax benefits for donors.

designate your church as the beneficiary of your asset by will, trust, or other instrument. It allows you to maintain control of your assets during life and to make a gift to your church at your death.

            Charitable Gift Annuity
transfers your cash or appreciated property to the Foundation in exchange for a promise to pay you fixed income (with rates based on your age) for the rest of your life, and then to your church in perpetuity. It allows you to avoid capital gains tax on the sale of your appreciated property and receive a charitable deduction now.

            Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)
transfers your cash or appreciated property to fund a trust. The trust sells your property tax-free & provides you with income for life or a term of years. It allows you to receive a charitable deduction now.

            Beneficiary Clause Retirement Plan
designates your church as the beneficiary of your retirement plan. It allows maintaining control of your assets during your life and to make a gift to your church at your death.

            Life Estate Reserved
allows you to donate a house or property to the Foundation but retain the right to use it during your life. It allows you to receive a charitable income tax deduction now.
If you would like more information about Planning Giving, pamphlets are located in the foyer of the front of church.                                                     


If you would like to receive the Circuit Rider via email, contact the office 868-7787 or

​                                                                                         ​

The Circuit Rider 

First United Methodist Church of Houma

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